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Equity and Empowerment through Education.

About 3e LLC Inner_about
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The Mission of 3e LLC is to promote equity and empowerment for all students through engaging professional development for educators and parents, one-on-one coaching for teacher efficacy, and mentoring services for youth to promote enrichment and success. For the empowered, we offer editing, transcribing, and ghostwriting services to ensure your voice is heard.

About 3e LLC Inner_about
Core Beliefs
Diagram with 5 core beliefs for the 3e LLC organization
About 3e LLC Inner_about

Professional Development

3e LLC is at your service for all of your professional development needs

related to diversity, equity, inclusion and empowerment.

I offer services for entire staffs, leadership and teacher teams, individual teachers, students, and parents. 

Since 2000, I have successfully taught, mentored, coached, and developed students and staffs

at the elementary, middle, high school and district levels in large, urban school districts,

and I look forward to serving your team.

Professional Development for Staffs and Teams

Engaging Sessions that

Foster Reflection and Efficacy

3e LLC provides a wide range of professional development opportunities that are research-based and engaging. Sessions are designed to promote reflection, increase knowledge, and improve pedagogy. Participants part with a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and skills to collaborate and promote student success. 

Instructional Coaching

for Teachers

Expert Guidance

Every Step of the Way

3e LLC also offers one-on-one coaching services for teachers who are struggling to reach and relate to diverse students. Relationships, classroom management, literacy development, and effective instructional delivery are key to engaging students. Utilizing a student-centered approach, I empower teachers to effectively reach the students they serve.

Intervention Services to Empower Youth

Putting Students on the

Pathway to Success

In addition, 3e LLC offers Intervention Coaching to empower youth. I apply a hands-on approach to understanding, relating to, and engaging students to meet their developmental needs for knowledge, enrichment, and hope. 

I also offer parent engagement opportunities to empower parents with strategies to support their children's academic and social-emotional development.

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