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Somebody Told You A Lie:

A Poetic Story for Young Men

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Somebody Told You a Lie is a poetic story that consists of nine original poems written during the author’s adolescent years. The poems present a dialogue between a young man and a few relatives and community members who love and care about him very much. With each encounter he gains knowledge and wisdom that will encourage conversations about stereotypes, foster critical thinking related to identity development and decision-making, and inspire readers to recognize when #issalie!

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Somebody Told You A Lie is a classic! I encourage all youth to read this poetic masterpiece to learn how to navigate the dilemmas of your life that are often silent struggles. This book will strategically allow you to find yourself at the present while at the same time guiding you to who you will become in the future. Read this book several times to understand the pathway that has been predestined for your life. Thank you, Dr. Sturdivant, for this powerful contribution to our community.


Carol Grotnes Belk Distinguished Professor of Urban Education

Director, The Urban Education Collaborative

Provost Faculty Fellow for Diversity, Inclusion and Access

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

As a child of hip hop the book, Somebody Told You A Lie, reads like a play but in the form of lyrical breaks. I appreciate the way in which the author mixed prose from different moments of her life to craft this compelling, artsy narrative. This story should pique the interest of young men and women struggling in that time of life when they question most things.


Race Equity, Administrative Supervisor for Austin Independent School District in Texas

 & CEO of 2Ward Equity, LLC

2019 Ed Week #LeadersToLearnFrom

Twitter & Instagram: @2WardEquity

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